D I G I T A L   C E R A M I C S

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Jade has worked with multiple universities in the UK, teaching Solidworks for Product Design degrees, Organising and running Ceramic and Digital workshops, and also participated in University collaborations to produce a Ceramic Performative Screen with The University of Liverpool's Architecture Department.


Jade offers a range of different services including:


-Kiln Firings (60L Kiln Max Temp 1200 degrees)  

-Bespoke product design services

-Produce 3D digital models from 2D concept designs

-3D model mould design/model assessment for moulds

-Renderings & Orthographic drawings

-3D print design modelling & File prep

-Ceramic or Digital design consultation

-Ceramic workshop school/university visits

-Plaster moulds

-Work collaborations


Please Enquire through Jade's Contact Page if you are

interested in any of these services,

Or if you have any other ideas you would like to discuss.

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